Publishing Arts


CFX Network produces trade publications, creates internal magazines for businesses, and provides other publishing services. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project in greater detail. 

Trade Magazine Production
We gear our magazines toward trade professionals. Our flagship publication is Skillings Mining Review magazine, a 100-year-old periodical originally produced in 1912.

Our staff of international writers and researchers gather information from many online sources and global professionals in order to create and compile stories that are of interest to subscribers and advertisers.

Internal Magazine Creation for Businesses

We produce magazines for the internal use of associations, mining companies, and academic societies. The magazine is designed to educate and inform members and followers of that particular industry.  

Publishing Services Facilities 
Our publishing services also include producing books, papers, and documents for mass consumption.  With discounted rates and access to printing facilities around the world, we can produce mass quantities of your materials for fast and efficient distribution.